analysis output into events channel?


Dear Marcel,

during the dev meeting, I implemented a somewhat general "XYTListener", which is meant to be plugged into noise/emissions/accident/accessibility/... contribs. The idea is that it outputs information that has a time stamp (or duration) and a coordinate, such as noise imissions, or population density.

I am now wondering if it might make even more sense to throw this directly into our events channel. We have done as such in earlier times, where we even had "agent position events". One should still be able to switch event types on and off, or filter them into different files, a bit like stdout vs stderr.

One reason why I am thinking about that is that the current approach means that each PhD student invents her or his own approach. In noise, for example, there are separate files for each time step, which is orthogonal to what I really need, which is time-dependent display, and then there is an additional layer of post-processing, reading in those files again to combine them. An agreement that we feed such things back into the regular events channel would standardize such output.

I think that this would also be helpful for VIA.

Thanks and greetings

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Thibaut Dubernet


Kai Nagel