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Just in case you did not hear yet about it. Not really playing in the same playground, but for sure we will hear again about them:

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  1. We had worked together with some time ago considering to bring MATSim into their ecosystem.  Some conclusions were:

    • In the same way as MATSim, has two layers, a "physical" and a "mental" one.
    • One could consider either inserting MATSim's physical layer into, or its mental layer, or both.
    • We signed a relatively long non-disclosure argument, and when going through it, I cannot say what I am allowed to write and what not.

    Will let it stand with these remarks.  Cannot say what this may mean for the positioning of MATSim.

  2. Interesting, I wasn't aware of it. I was asked few days ago if we had any contact with them. Am I allowed to mention that you did or not even this?

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