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This is a Wiki for MATSim. Feel free to enhance it with your own knowledge about MATSim.

This website also contains our Q&A platform. Click the "Questions" button in the top toolbar to see more questions and answers.

Recent Blog Posts

Playground test failures
Dear MATSim community, You have probably noticed that we have recently separated "matsim"+"contribs" on the one hand from "playgrounds" on the other hand. This also means that the playgrounds are now tested separately both on travis and on jenkins. Several people have, in the past, nudged people to repair playground test failures.   I now want to announce that I essentially will no longer be one of these people.  I have just switched off my monitoring apps for these tests.…
Dear all, thank you for your contributions! The report for April-June is now online.  I got only very few contributions. I assume many of you are in "TRB writing mode" (Kay Axhausen's copyright). But if you missed the call for contributions, please have a look and let me know in case something needs to be updated. Happy writing!
Dear all, you are kindly requested to provide your contribution for the latest MATSim report until Friday, July 7th. Thanks! Francesco
As announced, the playgrounds have moved to their own GitHub repository Tests are run by Travis and Jenkins – as before, Travis runs Tests, and Jenkins also runs Integration Tests. A few integration tests are currently failing, probably because of file references to outside the repository. Please check.
Action required for those who have playgrounds: We are moving them out of the matsim git repository into their own one. See e.g.  or  or for discussion. This mostly means that you will have to check out this new repository separately, and put it next to the current repository into your (e.g.) Eclipse workspace. (Don't try to put it inside the current repository.) IDEs like Eclipse don't care much – they resolve dependencies within the same workspace on their own. On the other hand,…
In parallel to the still open position for MATSim modeling, the Swiss railway operator SBB is accepting applications for internship at university level. The offer can be found on the job portal of the SBB, under reference number 26261, or in this PDF (both in German).

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