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This is a Wiki for MATSim. Feel free to enhance it with your own knowledge about MATSim.

This website also contains our Q&A platform. Click the "Questions" button in the top toolbar to see more questions and answers.

Recent Blog Posts

The national Swiss railway operator is still searching for MATSim experts. A new job offer (in german) is online, and can be found on the SBB Job platform, searching for reference number 26190. Alternatively, the description is available as a PDF Document. Feel free to forward this announcement to anybody who might be interested.
Just like last time, we quietly performed a release, triggered by the course we teach. This allows us to test it in this course. Bug-fixing, and possibly finishing half-done features, can happen in the v0.9.x branch, and we can do further v0.9.x releases whenever we like (suggestions welcome). In the meantime, we could prepare a changelog and release notes, and then make the next v0.9.x release a more broadly advertised one. If you can,…
Dear community, With a recent commit I changed the default for the scoring behavior.   In the past, any mode encountered in the plans file that was not specified for scoring was treated as TransportMode.other, which had some default scoring parameters. With the new version, such code will now throw an exception during scoring and then abort. Reasons for this change: The old behavior was automagic, and we are trying to move away from automagic.…
Just in case you did not hear yet about it. Not really playing in the same playground, but for sure we will hear again about them:
At our chair (Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics (VSP) at Technische Universität Berlin), there is an open position as research associate (Salary grade E13 TV-L). We are looking for somebody who will work on the research pro­ject “Car­rier Agents and Inter­ac­tions with Traffic Flows” fun­ded by Deutsche Forschungs­ge­meinsch­aft (DFG), which deals with the agent-based sim­u­la­tion of freight trans­port using MAT­Sim. Please find the call here https://tub.stellenticket.…
Michał and Joschka have added DRT (demand responsive transit) as a contrib: .

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