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Dear all, you are kindly requested to provide your contribution for the latest MATSim report until Thursday, March 30th.

Thanks! Francesco

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  1. Hi Francesco
    Sorry I missed this earlier. Here is our contrib:

    The Engaging Mobility team has recently embarked upon a collaborative research project to evaluate the feasibility of AV policies and investigate their land and transport implications, through an iterative design-simulation-design process. The multi-disciplinary team will explore innovative urban design and planning strategies to optimally integrate AV deployments, by building multiple scenarios and examining impacts and associated trade-offs. 

    1. Hi Pieter,

      Absolutely no problem, but I need some more infos. Do you have a project title? Did it start already? If yes, waht is the status and until when is it supposed to last?

      Additionally, I see that you are mentioning the "Engaging Mobility" team. Should I put this name in anything coming from Singapore (instead or FCL) from now on?

      Ah, and does it mean that I should automatically remove all FCL projects?

      Sorry for having an awful lot of questions, but I think it is high time to tidy up the entries regarding FCL projects, as I did not year anything anymore since a long time.



  2. Thanks Francesco! I went and edited the page so we're all up to date now!



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