Job posting in Singapore

I have been approached by a representative from Volt about a research position with a Smart City firm, who would prefer someone with experience in agent-based transport simulation, e.g. MATSim, SUMO, etc.

If you're interested, please check out 

MATSim 0.10.0

Like every year, we have performed a (pre)release (MATSim 0.10.0).

What next:

  • Bug fixing can happen on branch 0.10.x and we can do further 0.10.x releases if required. Any development which is done on v0.10.x should, of course, also be merged into master.
  • If you can, please switch your non-playground code dependencies to this release version. If you cannot, remember to switch them to 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT.

Another job offer where MATSim knowledge would be useful ...

Dear all, you are kindly requested to send your contributions for the MATSim Report until January 10th. Best, Francesco

Dear MATSim users and developers,

we are pleased to inform you that, in addition to the papers submitted to the ITM conference, we are now directly accepting short abstracts for presentation at our user meeting, to be held on 23 June, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. That is the Saturday before the Transportation Research Board’s bi-annual “Innovations in Travel Modeling” conference, which is June 24-27, 2018.

Submissions for the User Meeting should take the form of an abstract (< 1000 words), and are to be submitted before March 31, 2018, through EasyChair. MATSim-related submissions to the main conference will as well be considered for inclusion in the User Meeting program.

Please feel free to forward this information to any of your contacts, by sharing the link to the EasyChair call for papers:

we wish you a happy and productive year, and hope to meet you in Atlanta!

We were asked to post two MATSim related positions here:

1)  A job as a research associate with innoZ. While the posting is only in German, one could possibly do this job also with basic german skills only.

2) An internship and/or Master Thesis with MOIA (VW)

After some to and fro, we have now (hopefully) stabilized on two new github projects meant for browsing or cloning:

  • matsim-example-project – a "thin" fairly minimal project that is meant to be cloned and used as a starting point for own development, with a minimal number of dependencies etc
  • matsim-code-examples – a "fat" project which contains example code how MATSim can be used.

The are also both pinned to the top at – other than "matsim" itself, which really is not meant to be cloned any more except for developers.  Note that you can browse the matsim core source code also from the two example projects above; it is loaded via maven.

The matsim-code-examples currently only exist for 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT.  We could downgrade it to 0.9.0 if urgently needed; let us know then we move it up in the priority.  

In terms of general logic, the matsim-code-examples replace what used to be the "tutorials" section.

As usual, please let us know if something is not working, always with version number and/or git hash, and with full logfile attached.

Job that uses MATSim

Another opening where having some MATSim skills might be good.

Hello, MATSim users and researchers!

The 2018 MATSim User Meeting will be held on 23 June, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. That is the Saturday before the Transportation Research Board’s bi-annual “Innovations in Travel Modeling” conference, which is June 24-27, 2018.

Abstracts and/or short papers are due on November 30, 2017. The papers are expected to be very short (< 2500 equivalent words), but the deadline is fast approaching. ITM has an alternative “lightning talk” track which is quite interesting and only requires an abstract submission. See below for details.

Abstracts and papers can be submitted to the ITM conference, to the MATSim Meeting, or both. We will coordinate with the main conference so that papers are not presented twice. The submission channel for the user meeting will be communicated at a later date.

I hope many of us submit MATSim papers, so we can have a strong presence at this very interesting conference. The ITM announcement is below. Details on registration for the MATSim User Meeting will be forthcoming.

Please check this page for updates:

MATSim User Meeting 2018 @ ITM, Atlanta, June 23

See you in Atlanta! 


ITM 2018 Announcement:

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) conference series has become the leading venue for researchers and practitioners to come together and discuss, debate, and share information about advances in travel analysis and modeling methods.  The ITM conference series is intended to bridge the gap between research and practice and help accelerate the deployment of new methods, tools, technologies, and algorithms in freight and passenger travel forecasting model systems. 

The conference series was launched in 2006 and is held every other year, with the seventh edition scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia during June 24-27, 2018.

The conference organizing committee invites contributions on innovations in freight and passenger transport modeling, data collection, and analytics for possible presentation at the conference. The conference welcomes two types of contributions:

  1. Research Briefs, no more than 2500 equivalent words in length, for possible consideration as full-length presentations
  2. Abstracts, no more than 300 words in length, for possible consideration as short “lightning” talks

Please submit contributions at the following website by November 30, 2017:

Questions about ITM2018 may be directed to Jennifer Weeks, Senior Program Officer for Planning and Travel Forecasting, Transportation Research Board, or 202-334-2289.

For more details about the conference and the procedure/format of submissions, please see the Call for Research Briefs and Abstracts (PDF).  

Hello, just a quick note that I have removed githup/matsimExamples.  Note that this is not the same as matsim-examples-project or matsim-code example; instead matsimExamples contained scenario input data that is now found elsewhere (mostly in the "examples/scenarios" directory in the matsim main repository, separately maven-deployed under the name of "matsim-examples").  So removing the matsimExamples repository reduces duplicity of similar names and thus hopefully reduces possible confusion a bit.    Most users shouldn't notice.  If there was material that someone still needs, we have a copy in the tu-berlin gitlab.  Best wishes, Kai

Dear all, the newest report is online. Despite being late (sorry for this, in October I finally had my "summer" holidays) I got only very few contributions. Therefore, you are very welcome to double check if the entries are (still) valid and let me know if changes are necessary, or even do changes yourself. Best, Francesco 

MATSim Report

Dear all, you are kindly requested to provide your contribution for the upcoming MATSim report until Monday, October 16th.

Thanks! Francesco

The program for the MATSim User Meeting to be held on September 11, 2017 in Haifa, Israel, is now online. For more information, please refer to the page of the event.

Playground test failures

Dear MATSim community,

You have probably noticed that we have recently separated "matsim"+"contribs" on the one hand from "playgrounds" on the other hand.

This also means that the playgrounds are now tested separately both on travis and on jenkins.

Several people have, in the past, nudged people to repair playground test failures.  

I now want to announce that I essentially will no longer be one of these people.  I have just switched off my monitoring apps for these tests.  This means that if the system notifies me of a failure which I may have caused, I will still look at it, but if other people make the playgrounds fail, I will not act any more.

Maybe some other group in the community wants to self-organize to take this on.  An alternative, clearly, is that people who mostly want to monitor their own code, could pull out into a separate repository.  The matsim-example-project points the way for this.  The arguments in both directions in my view are:

  • playgrounds are a service from us to the community: they are included in refactorings.  Separate, individual repositories are in general not.
  • A downside of the playgrounds, however, is that if one of the playgrounds has a compile error, none of the playgrounds is tested.

In the longer run, our goal would be to get rid of playgrounds completely.  However, we are still refactoring our API, and as long as we are still doing this, we will keep them.

So maybe a group of people who want to keep their playgrounds functional wants to form and jointly make sure that the playground tests do not fail.  You could, for example, start self-organizing via "comment" posts under this blog entry.

Best wishes


Dear all, thank you for your contributions! The report for April-June is now online.  I got only very few contributions. I assume many of you are in "TRB writing mode" (Kay Axhausen's copyright). But if you missed the call for contributions, please have a look and let me know in case something needs to be updated. Happy writing!