I read in the MATSim documentation book that we can define legs, which are which routes (links) to travel per activity. However, my plans.xml looks similar in form to that of the example in the book and it yields the following error:

Attribute "type" with value "links" must have a value from the list "dist trav-time num-nodes num-intersects ".

This happens at the line where I define the route. What causes this error? Here is my plans.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE plans SYSTEM "http://www.matsim.org/files/dtd/plans_v4.dtd">
<person id="1">
<act type="w" link="1" end_time="06:30"/>
<leg mode="car">
<route type="links">1 4 9 12 15</route>
<act type="h" link="15"/>
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      Dear Celeste,

      (1) Please try replacing "plans_v4" by "population_v6" (or, if that does not work, "_v5") and let us know if that works.

      (2) Could you please tell us where you found that plans file with plans_v4.dtd so we can mark it as deprecated? Thanks.

      Best wishes, Kai

      1. Celeste Manu

        Thanks Kai, changing it to v5 worked. I made my population file by modifying plans100.xml in the matsim-0.8.1/examples/equil directory. I had downloaded matsim 0.8.1 back in Dec 2016. 

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