I have a valid GTFS feed with a multimodal transit network encoded. There are buses and trams that run on roads, as well as rail systems that run on their own network. I'd like to add these transit services to my simulation.

I've read the relevant chapter in the latest MATSim guide, as well as a number of pages on this site. I still have a few questions:

  - What is the best way to convert GTFS into a public transit schedule? I see GTFS2MATSim being the thing that is most often linked from MATSim pages, but pt2matsim seems to work and has better user-facing documentation. What is the most recent recommendation?

  - If I have a transit schedule with buses and rail, do I need to add "bus" to the modes for all the links on my network? Will rail find its own way, or do I need to add corresponding rail-only links?

  - If I believe that my schedule is reasonable and does not require interaction with the vehicles in the QSim, should I just provide the schedule?

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