Currently I am simulating a congested network. The simulation result shown there was spill back jam to a link.

The extract of network was like this.

congested network==>C==>A==>B==>congested network

In the meantime, there are plenty of transit lines that start at a stop facility at link A. However, I found that in the congested hour for link B, the transit drivers delay departures (The vehicle did not enter traffic) until the link B congestion gone. On the other hand, the car drivers also delayed enter traffic (For example, some agents started their trip at 8:30, but their cars enter traffic at 12:58). The behavior that a lot of drivers start the trip in link B made it worse.

I am wondering what is the logic behind the hidden queue, and is there any way for me to prioritize the transit vehicle to enter the traffic (in order to encourage agents to take the bus)?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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