Report September 2014

Closed Projects

Projects closed in this month.

ProjectCurrent StateContact
WHATEVER-Project: A MATSim ExtensionCommited as a MATSim contribution called "WHATEVER" which allws MATSim the brew coffee.MichaelA

 Ongoing Projects

Projects, which are under progress or already confirmed (funded, assigned, etc.)

ProjectCurrent StateContact
ANYWAY-Project: A MATSim SongCompose a MATSim song which we will sing whenever we meet.MichaelA

Open/Planned Projects

Project that one plans to do or which hoped to be funded.

ProjectCurrent StateContact
FREENET-Project: Internet for everyoneFind a meeting place where there is absolutely no problem with internet access.MichaelA

Ommitted Projects

Project ideas which are dropped this month (because of rejected funding, lack of interesst, etc.) 


ProjectCurrent StateContact
HOLYDAY-Project: Find Monay for HolydaysFind funding such that the whole comunity can go to vacationMichaelA

Developers' Corner

At the beginning of September, the yearly MATSim Developer Meeting took place. A number of important decisions have been made and announced on the developers mailing list. The most important ones:

  • MATSim will now require Java 7 to run, and developers can start using Java 7 features in their code
  • A new configuration file format ("config.xml") offering more flexibility to deal with lists and enumerations has been introduced
  • Ids in MATSim will become typed, such that a link's id can be differentiated from a node's id, or from other type of Ids.

The change to typed Ids is already ongoing, with large parts of MATSim (the core) and the contributions already using the new type of Ids. Feel free to change the code in your playgrounds accordingly.

Events/Notes/Information that are Worth Mentioning

  • A new release of MATSim, "Fall 2014" (version 0.6.0) was released in September. This is the last release of MATSim that will run on Java 6.