Blog from April, 2017

At our chair (Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics (VSP) at Technische Universität Berlin), there is an open position as research associate (Salary grade E13 TV-L).

We are looking for somebody who will work on the research pro­ject “Car­rier Agents and Inter­ac­tions with Traffic Flows” fun­ded by Deutsche Forschungs­ge­meinsch­aft (DFG), which deals with the agent-based sim­u­la­tion of freight trans­port using MAT­Sim.

Please find the call here and feel free to share this information with anybody who might be interested.

Michał and Joschka have added DRT (demand responsive transit) as a contrib: .

The Swiss national railway operator, SBB, published a job offer to consolidate its demand modeling team with a MATSim specialist.

The job description and contact details can be found in the following pdf files, both in German and in English. Alternatively, the job offer can be found on the SBB Job Offer Portal, with reference number 25894 (giving access to an online application form, in German).

Feel free to forward this information to whoever might be interested.

Dear all, thank you for your contributions! You can find the new report, which is now quarterly, here: Report 1 (January-March)